License System:
– Platinum: All champions. Also any driver with 3 wins + 5 complete seasons.
– Gold: Any driver with 2 wins + 3 complete seasons. Also any driver with 7 complete seasons.
– Silver: Any driver with a win. Also any driver with 5 complete seasons.
– Bronze: Any driver with 2 complete seasons.
– Rookie: Any driver with less than 2 complete seasons.

– Distance: 200 miles (67/75/80 laps depending on track)
– Setup: Fixed
– Cautions: On
– Damage: On
– Fuel: 55%
– Starts: Double-file
– Fast repair: 1
– Qualifying: 2 laps, Single-car
– Time of day: Daytona-Late Afternoon, Daytona Circa ’08- Afternoon, iRacing SS-Afternoon, Talladega-Afternoon
– Green-white-checkered: 3 attempts

– Practice: 8pm ET
– Qualifying: 9pm ET
– Grid: 9:10pm ET

Race registration:
– Priority registration begins at 8pm ET for Platinum, Gold and Silver license drivers and any other driver in the top 30 in championship points.
– Bronze license & Rookie drivers must “Apply to join league” each week beginning at 8pm ET at
– At 8:15pm ET Bronze license & Rookies are accepted to register for the race on first come, first serve basis.

– In the first 8 races any driver who wins a race makes the playoffs. If there are less than 8 winners than the driver(s) highest in championship points who have not won will also make the playoffs, but no more than 8 drivers total make the playoffs. If there is not a duplicate winner and the points leader does not have a win, there an additional playoff spot will be added.
– In Race 9 and 10 any playoff driver who wins a race makes the playoff Finale. The 2 playoff drivers highest in championship points who have not won will also make the playoff Finale. If there is a duplicate winner in Race 9 and 10 then the 3 playoff drivers highest in championship points who have not won will also make the playoff Finale.
– In the Finale the playoff driver who finishes highest is the champion.
– There is 1 drop week in the first 8 races of the season.
– Ties in the first 8 races round and Race 9 & 10 round are broken by, Wins, Top 5’s and then the highest finisher in the last race of any round.



Bonus points:
– Lead a lap: 1 point
– Lead the most laps: 1 point
– Win: 5 points at Race 9

– ARCA Menards Chevrolet Impala
– NASCAR Cup 87 Chevrolet Monte Carlo and Ford and Ford Thunderbird
– NASCAR Cup Gen 6 Legacy Chevrolet SS and Ford Fusion
– NASCAR Truck Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F150 and Toyota Tundra
– NASCAR Truck Chevrolet Silverado 2008
– NASCAR Xfinity Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang and Toyota Supra

– Daytona International Speedway
– Daytona International Speedway Circa 2008
– iRacing Superspeedway
– Talladega Superspeedway

– No intentional wrecking.
– No hate speech.
– No passing below the double yellow line. Attempts to advance or hold a position below the yellow line on the final lap of a race will result in end of draft penalty if there is evidence another vehicle would have finished ahead absent the move below the yellow line. There is no penalty if a driver is forced below the yellow line.
– The leader on a start/restart should not accelerate until the green flag has waived.
– Black flags are only cleared for unforeseen circumstances such as a driver being forced down pit road to avoid an accident, drivers not able to maintain speed and are passed prior to entering pit road and start/restart issues. Drivers need to announce their need for a black flag cleared.
– Wave arounds are given under caution to any driver 1 lap down or more. Wave arounds will start occurring when the leader catches the pace car on he backstretch and stop occurring at the 1 to go signal.
– No blocking another drivers momentum.  Momentum is defined as greater than 3mph difference.
– Leaders approaching lap car(s) must communicate where they want the lap car to yield at approximately 1 second away. The general expectation is lapped cars should yield high unless told otherwise. It is the leader(s) responsibility to re-organize if they are racing 3 or 4 wide approaching a lapped car. Lapped cars who are significantly disabled should make every effort to try and get onto the apron if being approached by the lead pack or a large group of cars.
– No passing before the start finish line on starts/restarts, however evasive action to avoid a car significantly damaged or that missed a shift is allowed.
– The final lap of each race or the incident causing a caution which ended the race is automatically reviewed.  If the winner of the race causes an incident which gained them or helped them retain the lead they will be stripped of the win and moved to the end of the lead draft.
– If a race is interrupted by a server crash or high volume of drivers dropping from the server the race may be restarted if less than 50% of the race is completed or will be called official if 50% or more of the race is completed.  If the race is called official scoring is reverted to the last completed lap prior to the server issue occurring.

– Bumping in the corners and tri-oval is discouraged.
– If your internet connection is causing a disruption you are expected to move to the end of the draft of cars until the internet connection has been fixed.  Drivers will be warned once by by race control before being removed from the race.
– Do not drive through non-assigned pit stalls excessively when entering and exiting pit road.