– Distance: 200 miles (67/75/80/130 laps depending on track)
– Setup: Fixed
– Cautions: On
– Damage: On
– Fuel: 55%
– Starts: Green
– Restarts: With one-to-go blue choose cone out of turn 2. Left of cone is inside line, right of cone + blue line is outside line. Restart Zone coming to green. If the track does not have a restart zone the start will be on Green.
– Fast repair: 1
– Qualifying: 1 lap, single-car (5 minutes)
– Time of day: Atlanta-Afternoon Daytona-Late Afternoon, Daytona Circa ’08- Afternoon, iRacing SS-Afternoon, Talladega-Afternoon
– EOL: Driver(s) who are determined to cause or contribute to a caution being thrown will receive an EOL. Drivers who hit the choose cone will receive an EOL.
– Overtime: 1 attempt and no caution will be thrown if an accident occurs.

– Practice: 8pm ET
– Qualifying: 9pm ET
– Grid: 9:05pm ET

Eligibility & registration:
– Drivers who are in the Top 25 in points, past champions and winners in the previous & current season are locked into the race each week.
– Up to 5 drivers each week who are not locked-in, but have previously won a race will be able to request a #provisional. Priority goes to the driver with the most wins with ties broken by most recent win. Drivers who receive a provisional will be invited to join the iRacing league page.
– Drivers who are not locked-in will be able to “Apply to Join” the iRacing league page on a first come first serve basis at 8:45pm ET.

Win reward:
– Champions: $50
– Winners: $40
– Drivers: $25
– Rookies: $20

– The top 10 drivers in points after race 10 qualify for the Wild Card Playoff. The points leader after race 10 receives a bye and automatically qualifies for the championship race.
– In the Wild Card Playoff up to 4 drivers who accumulate the most points qualify for the championship race, however if a Playoff driver wins during the double header they automatically transfer to the championship race. Ties in points are broken by wins, top 5’s and then the highest finisher in the race 11.
– The Playoff driver who finishes highest in the championship race wins the Season 28 championship.
– There is 2 drop weesk through race 10 + the Twin 125 not run.
– The champion will receive $250.



Bonus points:
– Lead a lap: 1 point
– Lead the most laps: 1 point

– NASCAR Cup Next Gen Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang and Toyota Camry
– NASCAR Xfinity Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustand and Toyota Supra
– NASCAR Camping World Truck Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F150 and Toyota Tundra.
– NASCAR Cup 87 Buick LeSabre, Chevrolet Monte Carlo and Ford Thunderbird

– Atlanta Motor Speedway
– Daytona International Speedway
– Daytona International Speedway Circa 2008
– iRacing Superspeedway
– Talladega Superspeedway

– No intentional wrecking.
– No hate speech.
– Steering wheel required. No console controllers.
– No passing below the double yellow line. Attempts to advance or hold a position below the yellow line on the final lap of a race will result in end of draft penalty if there is evidence another vehicle would have finished ahead absent the move below the yellow line. There is no penalty if a driver is forced below the yellow line. At Atlanta driving two wheels below the red line on the front stretch apron is allowed.
– No passing before the start finish line on starts/restarts, however evasive action to avoid a car significantly damaged or that missed a shift is allowed.
– Black flags are only cleared under caution and immediately following a start/restart.
– EOL’s are given to any driver(s) who cause or contribute to a caution being thrown. Accumulation of multiple EOL’s in the same race may result in further penalty at the discretion of the league.
– Drivers who hit the choose cone will receive an EOL.
– Under caution drivers a lap down or more are allowed to wave themselves around the pace car until the field has reached reached turn 3 during one to go. Drivers can use the high line or apron to pass the field until one to go where they should use the apron only. Black flags will be cleared.
– No blocking another drivers momentum.
– Leaders approaching lap car(s) must communicate where they want the lap car to yield at approximately 1 second away. The general expectation is lapped cars should yield high unless told otherwise. It is the leader(s) responsibility to re-organize if they are racing 3 or 4 wide approaching a lapped car. Lapped cars who are significantly disabled should make every effort to try and get onto the apron if being approached by the lead pack or a large group of cars.
– Do not drive through non-assigned pit stalls excessively when entering and exiting pit road.
– Bumping in the corners and tri-oval is discouraged.
– The final lap of each race or the incident causing a caution which ended the race is automatically reviewed.  If the winner of the race causes an incident which gained them or helped them retain the lead they will be stripped of the win and moved to the end of the lead draft.
– If your internet connection is causing a disruption you are expected to move to the end of the draft of cars until the internet connection has been fixed.  Drivers will be warned once by by race control before being removed from the race.
– If a race is interrupted by a server crash or high volume of drivers dropping from the server the race may be restarted if less than 50% of the race is completed or will be called official if 50% or more of the race is completed.  If the race is called official scoring is reverted to the last completed lap prior to the server issue occurring.

Paint schemes:
– The league disables decals and numbers so custom car # paint schemes are allowed.
– Drivers must run the custom decal layers for the windshield and rear bumpers.
– Drivers are expected to run a paint scheme consistent with their assigned car #. If you do not like your assigned car # you can request to change it.
– Those with Trading Paints Pro are allowed to use a one or two digit # even if their assigned car # is three digits. For example “010” can be assigned to a driver, but they could use a “10” custom car # paint scheme. This allows for multiple drivers to use the same one or two digit #. If you do not have Trading Paints Pro it is recommended you chose a vacant one or two digit car #.
– Champions can select or change their car # to a # currently being used by any non-champion. Winners can select of change their car # to any # currently being used by any non-winner.