In 2012, RODDCAR was founded originally as “Superspeedway Cup” by Rodd Flagg with the goal to have a competitive transfer format style Superspeedway track league every Friday night. This vision was inspired and loosely based on a Superspeedway series Rodd competed in during the mid-2000’s using the NASCAR Racing 2003 simulation with the entity formerly known as Onlineracin.com. RODDCAR is known for being the longest running Superspeedway league on the iRacing.com simulation.

On August 31st, 2012 the first race was ran at Daytona International Speedway utilizing multiple Heat races, a trophy dash, B-main and A-main in a race your way in local dirt track style format. The A-main length expanded from the original 25 laps in Season 1 to 30 laps in Seasons 2-4. The league would use this format for the first 4 seasons. In Season 2 the league introduced the RODDCAR Shootout which at the time was called the “Superspeedway Shootout,” a non-points invite only event to kick-off the new season. An All-Star Race was also introduced in that season. In February 2013 the league began running a second night of the week on Wednesdays with the introduction of the RODDCAR Truck Tour, which at the time was called the “Superspeedway Truck Series.” The first ever running of the RODDCAR 500 which at the time was called the “Superspeedway 500,” a premier 500 kilometer crown jewel race, would make its debut on October 4th, 2013. The league would eventually take a break at the end of October 2013.

On March 21st, 2014 the second iteration of the league “iSuperspeedway” returned. Eliminated were heat & trophy dash races, however the B-main would remain as a last chance qualifier prior to a 125 mile feature race. The iSuperspeedway era is best known for drivers receiving a trophy for winning a race. In Season 6 the Shootout and All-Star Races would return along with the first ever broadcast by GSRC (Global Sim Racing Channel). In Season 7 the league would re-introduce the 500 kilometer premier race as the “iSuperspeedway 500” and also moved broadcasts partners to ETVLive! ETVLive! would eventually become LSRTV (LiveSimRacing TV) with Evan Posocco as the lead voice for the majority of the broadcasts. In October 2014 the league would introduce a 4 race IROC series running approximately once a month prior to feature event on Friday’s. On February 2nd, 2015 the league would introduce a second crown jewel race at Talladega known as the “DraftHardt 300.” That same season also ended with the introduction of a third a crown jewel race known as the “Finale in Florida 400” which was reserved as a 400 kilometer race when the season ended at Daytona and generally when there was a playoff format in use. Season 7 would be the first time a playoff format would be used replacing drop week championships. In Season 11 the league would revert back to the original name “Superspeedway Cup” and race lengths would be expanded to a range of 200-250 miles for majority of races and abandoned the A/B-main race names in favor of a “Feature.” In October 2017 the league would begin running two additional nights a week on Wednesday’s & Sundays with the re-introduction of the Truck Tour, known at the time as DXT (Developmental Xfinity & Truck). The league would run 10 consecutive seasons without interruption until taking a break in the Spring of 2018.

On March 29th, 2019 the league returned for it’s third iteration as “Superspeedway eSports.” The league would not be broadcast during this period. The league would return to using drop week championships. Overtime and a legacy version of Daytona International Speedway would be introduced for the first time. Races would generally be 200 miles in length. The league raced for 5 additional seasons prior to taking a break due to the Covid-19 pandemic in Spring of 2020.

On January 8th, 2021 the fourth and current iteration of the league returned as “Superspeedway.gg.” The league would pickup where it left off continuing to have 200 miles races and drop week championships. iRacing Superspeedway would be introduced for the first time. Season 21 would mark the return of broadcasts with producer Jonathan Oates for a single season. Season 22 would use a playoff format and would be the first time where the best finishing playoff driver would win the title in the last race. In the beginning of 2022 the league would kick off its 23rd season by embracing and permanently rebranding to it’s nickname “RODDCAR.” The season would also bring back the leagues premier event, the RODDCAR 500. In Season 24 the league would also bring back the crown jewel DraftHardt 300. Puffer Zone Network would sign on for 1 1/2 years beginning with silver anniversary 25th season. In addition to a full-time broadcast partner, Season 25 would re-introduce the All-Star Race, Shootout, IROC series, and run for the first time at the reconfigured Atlanta Motor Speedway. Season 26 introduced a Wild Card Playoff format as well as re-introduced the crown jewel Finale in Florida 400 race. 2023 saw the league bring back the RODDCAR Truck Tour broadcast by YJ Media to replace the Last Chance Qualifier.